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Directed a company-wide culture change process for a mortgage banking firm.  Facilitated employee focus groups to develop a corporate vision and values that united them.  This allowed the company to significantly expand its services.
Developed an internal university program for a financial services firm.  This empowered all employees to increase their job capabilities and obtain promotions from within the firm.  Significant reductions in turnover costs were achieved.
Built a new human resources department for a financial services firm.  Designed a 360-degree performance review process. Instituted process improvement and problem-solving teams. This resulted in higher overall quality standards and improved employee morale. 
Implemented a customized management training program on communications, turning questions into personal mission statements.

Facilitated process improvement work team committees for a pharmaceuticals plant. Provided team training and conducted Change Management communications throughout the plant.  This translated into newly efficient assembly-line output and reduced overall production costs.
Facilitated a conflict resolution process to help resolve internal issues between two conflicting departments of a not-for-profit organization.  This immediately improved communication allowing for streamlined workflow and improved productivity.

Developed a customized competency-based performance appraisal system for all positions within an international telecommunications company.  This resulted in improved definitions of job responsibilities and productivity throughout.

Developed and conducted team-based sales training courses for a Fortune 500 company focusing on an innovation-based consultative sales model.  This resulted in a system for identifying new products and services.
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Provided individual and group executive coaching to the CEO, CFO and Marketing VP of a mid-size manufacturing plant.  This resulted in strategic realignment of the senior management team and significantly improved customer service processes and profits.. 

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Facilitated a senior executive retreat for a large healthcare system to define and select key competencies for the organization’s strategic plan.  Conducted 360˚ feedback for 50 management level staff. Provided feedback workshops and individual coaching sessions for select management individuals.  This allowed for the achievement of many strategic goals.

Health Care
Conducted an organizational opinion survey for a multi-division appliance manufacturer.  Then, implemented a corporate redesign project that resulted in the decentralization of corporate functions to the divisions, decreasing unnecessary overhead while increasing efficiency of management at all levels.
Drafted, designed and delivered performance review training; wrote new performance policies and employee communications for major food conglomerate..
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