Examples of Executive Coaching Outcomes…
Leadership Coaching
A senior director who had taken on additional departments became overwhelmed and appeared no longer able to manage effectively.  Through coaching, she was able to recognize the problem-solving, communications and delegation styles that needed to be adjusted to meet her new level of management responsibilities.
Management Skills Coaching
Working under a new Vice President, an up-and-coming director had a series of failed projects.  Working with a coach, he quickly identified the new set of competencies he needed to work on.  In addition to honing his tactical project skills, he added more strategic thinking and staff management skills.
Assimilation Coaching
A young executive was brought in from the outside to assume the COO position.  The executive coach helped this person understand the  new organizational dynamics and how best to quickly accomplish a business agenda while successfully taking command of a brand new team.
Leadership Development
In order to align leadership skills, a new senior executive team identified eight leadership competencies considered essential to achieving the strategic plan.  We implemented a 360˚ feedback review for the entire management team of thirty-five people.  Working with executive coaches in workshops and one-on-one sessions, each executive developed a personal action plan to strengthen performance in key areas.
Career Coaching
A mid-level executive needed to evaluate personal goals, professional skills, job experience and opportunities to achieve work balance in her life.  Through a series of assessment tools and ongoing coaching, we helped this executive sort out changing values and personal goals.  She was able to shift into a position that allowed her to expand her creative writing skills and become a more effective contributor to the organization.
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