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This workshop guides participants through the process of developing effective communications skills. This includes preferred styles of verbal and nonverbal communications, active listening and influencing skills. Utilizing the, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool, participants explore how to effectively communicate with different personality types within their workplace. These techniques work whether they are interacting with co-workers or customers, talking to their boss, making client presentations, or providing technical support. Effective communications skills are essential to professional success.
and Other Ideas for Learning to Think Creatively
Building Trust and Driving Fear Out of the Workplace
This workshop is designed to resolve departmental and interdepartmental conflicts and issues of poor morale or low productivity. We typically start out by conducting small group interviews to identify specific issues. The workshop starts out with an overview of effective communications and management skills.

We incorporate a variety of videos, personality assessment tools and exercises / games to get employees to speak up with ideas and concerns. We then discuss and practice strategies that can be used for breaking the cycle of mistrust and strengthen workplace relationships. 

Participants learn that trust is more than a personal characteristic. It is a crucial leadership competency. We use a confidential assessment tool to help individuals evaluate the level of trust evident in their behavior towards other people. We also help them assess their own decision to trust others.
Customer Service
"Designing Strategies that are
Second to None."
This workshop identifies the  distinguishing factors that create exceptional customer service experiences.  We then focus on the role of the employee as a customer service agent and explore the difficulties of “emotional” labor for those continually engaged in customer service  - and how to move through these challenges.  Using assessments, as well as training activities and a customer service game, this workshop equips any employee with the coping skills and practical strategies needed to respond effectively to a wide range of customer types and situations.  
Teambuilding for Success
"Ending Cycles of Mistrust at the Senior Management Level."
This leadership development consulting course is designed for senior executives that want to improve their effectiveness in working with other members of the senior team. This course focuses on surfacing, diagnosing and working through conflict resolution and communications issues that impede effective senior team alignment. Through a series of assessment tools, and experiential learning exercises, we explore personality preferences, personal goals and values and common barriers to teambuilding. We then develop agreements for how to dialogue, discuss and resolve conflicting points of view and make effective management decisions.
High Performance
Work Teams
Building high performance work teams involves a process of assessing and working with team members to help them improve both their interpersonal relationships and their daily operations skills so that their results are optimally effective for the organization.  While this is a customized process, the fundamental skills that are required to build an effective team include: leadership; goal setting; conflict resolution; effective work management skills; problem solving and clarification of work roles and responsibilities.
In the first half of this workshop, we use a team effectiveness assessment tool to identify the team’s current capabilities.  Then we allow the teams to process their group’s strengths and weaknesses and build their own action plan for overcoming weaknesses.  In the second half of this workshop, we take a real world problem and have the teams practice their skills to work through potential solutions.
This is a course designed for those people who work hard every day but never seem to catch up. This fast-paced workshop helps participants acquire effective time management skills and habits that enable them to accomplish the key daily tasks that provide the greatest return on their professional and personal time investment. Through a series of exercises and tools, we explore time wasters and learn how to replace them with high performance work habits.

We incorporate various time management tools such as daily time logs, day timers, PDA’s and computerized scheduling programs to ensure that all are being effectively utilized. We also explore effective meeting management skills in this course.
These workshops and group facilitation sessions help employees understand and actively participate in corporate change initiatives. We also help employee groups deal with their own personal reactions to change. Participants learn to create group and personal action plans for moving through the change with positive outcomes. Through group facilitation, we encourage employees to share real world work experiences with the process of co-creating the new change model. This helps participants learn to anticipate and recognize the impact of change in their lives and then move through it successfully. 

Using the basic skills identified in the previous course, we explore the mental barriers that automatically form when we are interacting with others, as well as the assumptions that influence why we fail to communicate effectively. 
We explore methods of balancing dialogues and discussion in business meetings and how these skills can positively impact our decision-making outcomes. These are skills that are critical to building high performance work teams at all levels in the organization. We use games and role-playing extensively in this workshop to demonstrate and hone skill development in these key areas.
Crafting Critical Communications Skills
"Why Can't We All Just Get Along?"
Change Management Strategy
Co-creating at the Speed of Change
Time Management
"When There is No Time, 
  Only Hurdles."
Building Effective Communications Skills
Thinker Toys Corporate Training Programs
Using creative exercises, games and imagery, we explore alternate ways of thinking and organizing that help participants understand and develop their own creative potential and also find innovative solutions to difficult problems. We employ enhanced methods like “ThinkerToys,” as well as other techniques for better imagining, advanced levels of brainstorming and creative questioning to expand our ability to think creatively and solve problems in our work settings.
This course also explores the basics of building effective rapport with both internal and external customers. Topics covered in this area may include basic business etiquette, and how to assess and appropriately respond to various client cultures and management levels.
"Please try to understand me."

This program focuses primarily on alignment, communications, conflict management and building shared values.  We customize exercises and activities to reflect real work subjects that help team members focus on real-time critical issues.  We then help them develop and learn advanced communications skills for dealing effectively with complex management and organizational  issues.
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